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Sep 15

TheBondageMistressClub – Leather Dildo Action – HD, pegging, strapon fucking, strapon sucking


File Size : 374 MB
Duration: 00:07:11


Sep 15

Subby Hubby – Dava Foxx – Taste a Real Man – Full HD-1080p, cuckolds, cuckolding, bisexual, cumshots


Dava comes home with her new stud and finds her cuckold husband cleaning just as she instructed. She introduces her cuckold hubby to her new stud and makes him thank him for fucking his wife’s pussy properly. She orders him to come and kneel nearby as she gives her stud a nice deep sloppy blowjob on his hard cock. She spits the pre-cum into her cuckold’s mouth over and over again so he can taste a real man. That isn’t enough so she decides to make him blow her stud, something she has never made him to before. He has to blow the stud with his hot wife urging him on. After, he has a face full of cum and spit and walks outside like that. Dava calls her neighbor on the phone and tells her to go outside so she can see her husband walk around with a nice shiny face.

Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 1.07 GB
Duration: 00:08:46



Sep 15

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – You Will Be My Ashtray Starring Mistress Cloe – Full HD-1080p, glove fetish,HUMAN ASHTRAY


1 CLIP in category HUMAN ASHTRAY!”Well slave, unfortunately I forgot an ashtray so you will be my ashtray now!”, Mistress Cloe says as she lights up her cigarette. But that was only a rhetorical information. As she passed that slave on her way to the suites, the mean beauty knew she would stop and abuse that slave who is so nice attached to the stairrail by his collar.Now, she stands on the stair, high above him. Cloe looks so hot and stunning in her skin tight jeans, black designer stiletto heels, a tight blazer and black leather gloves. She wears perfect make-up and she looks down at the slave with so much arrogance. “Open”, she commands and drops her ash on his tongue.Everytime he moans in pain she reminds him to keep quiet because she wants to enjoy her cigarette. She bends over and blows the smoke into his face. Isn’t that a lucky slave who is so close to a stunning lady? But on the other hand, the painful end is just to come…

File Name : SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – You Will Be My Ashtray. Starring Mistress Cloe
Runtime : 4min 38s
File Size : 411 MB
Resolution : 1920?1080



Sep 15

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Good Morning Caning Starring Mistress Cloe – Full HD-1080p, caning,corporal punishment

1 CLIP in category CANING!The same painful procedure every morning for this slave: A hard caning. 365 days a year, without any exceptions. What a poor boy and what a cruel lady.It is Mistress Cloe, who appears upstairs, already dressed for her shopping trip, ready to turn men’s heads. Cloe wears skinny jeans and expensive stiletto heels, combined with a short and tight jacket. Her hair is styled and her make up is perfect. She has a cane in her leather gloved hands. “Good morning, slave! How was your night?”, the mean bitch ask with a smile. She knows that he was chains to the stairs the whole night, not able to lay down and sleep.Her stiletto heels make a dominant sound as she walks down the stairs. She tells him that it’s time for his daily whipping but that doesn’t surprise him. And so the cruel scene starts. A hard caning for the slave from a lady who gets more and more aroused with every single stroke…

File Name : SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Good Morning Caning. Starring Mistress Cloe
Runtime : 7min 2s
File Size : 428 MB
Resolution : 1920?1080


Sep 15

Orgasmus-Kontrolle – Tease and Denail – He will go crazy! (Er dreht fast durch) – Full HD-1080p, cherienoir, Cum, deutsch, domina

Are you strong enough? Would you hold this extreme Tease and Denail?Tighten his balls pumped his cock – but without my permission may notsingle drop come from the slaves cock. How I love to torment him!The White it comes almost out of sight. My beauty and my Teasing himinsane are. Will I be good? Will I help him, his slave juiceout to milk?

Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 105 MB
Duration: 00:06:30



Sep 15

Mistress Sidonia – Sidonia’s Pet Plaything – HD, CBT, ball abuse, ballbusting, cbt, humiliation


Mistress Sidonia is showing off another of her amazing creative bondage playthings. She has made a new pet for herself, arms and legs tied together, eyes covered, helpless and reliant on Mistress’ every command. She plays some ingenious games, attaching bells to the pet’s nipples and dangling cock and challenging them to move across the room without making any sounds, the punishment a harsh ass whipping. To complete her pet creation a large butt plug tail is inserted in to her new toy’s asshole and a humbler to further inhibit the pet’s movements.

Format: Windows Media
File Size : 98.1 MB
Duration: 00:07:35



Sep 15

MISTRESS GAIA – HORSEWOMAN WHIPPING – 1st part – HD, Whipping, Caning, Corporal Punishment


ENGLISH SPOKEN On my easel, dressed as Amazon, I begin the ritual of initiation to my slave to become a perfect bitch. And like any good unruly beast, I’ll start with the basics: the location, counting lashes, thanks for the attention received. Until having by him the total obedience and that he grants all my desire Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia. Also available in iPhone/Mobile Format A cavallo del mio cavalletto, vestita da amazzone, inizio il rituale di iniziazione al mio schiavo per diventare una cagna perfetta. E come ogni buona bestia indisciplinata, iniziero’ dalle basi: la posizione, il conteggio delle frustate, il ringraziamento per l’attenzione ricevuta. Fino ad avere da parte sua la totale obbedienza e che esaudisca ogni mia voglia… E non scordarti di visitare il mio sito Mistress Gaia.

Runtime : 9min 11s
File Size : 534 MB
Resolution : 1280?720



Sep 15

Mistress Ezada Sinn – The Prisoner Complete – HD, face slapping, gloves, humiliation

Held captive in Mistress Ezada’s prison, day to day life revolves around humiliation and punishment beatings. Today is no exception as the slave is dragged from his cell and unceremoniously whipped and kicked for his Mistress’s pleasure.

Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 297 MB
Duration: 00:20:12



Sep 15

Menareslaves – I’m Scared Of Your New Toy – HD, barefoot, barefeet, jumping


Daisy’s slave is scared of her new toy. Truth be told, he has every right to be scared because Daisy has never used a cock shocker before so she is like a kid in a candy store with her new found power over her pet. One simple click of a button and he suffers for her amusement. She loves it and intends to use it on him quite regularly now. So I guess he was right to be scared of her new toy.

Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 108 MB
Duration: 00:05:25


Sep 15

Goddess Ella Kross – Slave Licks Our Shoes Clean Featuring Mistress Anna – Full HD-1080p, FETISH, shoe licking

When my gorgeous friend Mistress Anna comments on how dirty her black highheels are, I assure her that it`s not a problem and summon a slave withthe clap of my hands. He quickly comes crawling to our side and I put himto work by making him clean Anna`s shoes with his mouth. I remind him thathe`s only allowed to lick her shiny high heels, and that his tongue isn`tto touch her flawless skin. Together we sit on my sofa and watch as thispathetic loser polishes Mistress Anna`s shoes using only his mouth. “Doyou like the taste?” I laugh as he licks the bottom of her dirty heels.When he`s done cleaning her shoes I have him clean mine as well as Annarests her feet on his back!

File Name : Goddess Ella Kross – Slave Licks Our Shoes Clean Featuring Mistress Anna
Runtime : 7min 58s
File Size : 381 MB
Resolution : 1920?1080


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