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Mar 19

Wild Wild ScatSex. Complete Version Part­2 – AstraCelestial Full HD 1080

Cast: Leona
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing
Video language: English


Mar 19

Wild Wild ScatSex. Complete Version Part­1 – AstraCelestial Full HD 1080

Cast: Leona
Genres: Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing
Video language: English

File size: 1021 MB, Duration: 00:12:03
Video: 1920?1080, Audio: 192 kb/s



Mar 19

Toilet Slave Punishment – Scatqueensberlin – Toilet Slave Punishment, Toilet Slavery, Loser Slave


File size: 2.66 GB, Duration: 00:37:27
Video: 1920?1080, Audio: 152 kb/s



Mar 19

Squirt Scat And PHOTO FRAME – Sweetbettyparlour – Scat Swallow, Russian Scat


File size: 826 MB, Duration: 00:17:41
Video: 1920?1080, Audio: 152 kb/s


Mar 19

Smearing For My Work Colleague – Josslynkane – Amateurs Scat, Poop Smear, Full HD 1080


Release Year: 13/03/2017
Casrt: Josslynkane
Genres: Scat,Poopping,Shitting,Scatting Domination,HD 1080p,Big pile,New scat
Video language: English
Custom video request: You’re a sexy businesswoman (white button down blouse, pencil skirt, stockings, high heels), and you’re taking a break from
work with me in the break room. You’ve had a crush on me since you started working here, but now that we’re alone in the break room, you finally let
me know. Your nervousness makes you have to poop though, but you don’t poop yet (if you can fart a bit here, that would be great, but I know it can
be hard to fart on command, especially when holding in a shit). You get really embarrassed about having to poop after you finally admitted to me that
you like me, but I assure you it’s okay, and I’d kind of like to see it. You’re a bit weirded out that I want to see this, but you have to poop so bad, you
don’t care, as long as you poop. After you poop though, the embarrassment sets in a bit more. I say it’s okay if you want to play with it? at first you’re
apprehensive because it’s gross, you’re in your work clothes, and you’re embarrassed doing it in front of your crush, but eventually you start rubbing it
on your body. At first, I’d like to see you keep your blouse on, and just get a little bit of poop on it accidentally (maybe your poopy hands accidentally
brush across it a couple times? I want you to save enough shit to cover as much of your body as possible…if you take a really huge load, feel free to get
more on your blouse). Eventually you decide to take it off, and I encourage you to smear it up to your tits, and finally on your face. Whenever you
smear it on a new part of your body, you’re apprehensive at first, but get into it once you start rubbing it in. I ask you how it tastes and you taste some
from your fingers apprehensively (if you’re okay with doing that). I really want to see it on your pussy, tits, and face, and then whatever else depending
on how much is left. If you have to poop again any time in the middle of smearing, I’d like to see you poop directly into your hands and smear it right
on. At the end, you realize/talk about how there’s no way you can go back to work covered in shit, but you’re happy that you finally told me your
feelings. You ask me on a date while covered in shit, and I say yes. You’re excited, and say you have to find a way to sneak out of the office while
covered in shit so that you can go home and clean up for our date, and the video ends.
File name: Sf2048
File size: 1.64 GB, Duration: 00:23:06
Video: 1920?1080, Audio: 125 kb/s



Mar 19

Sexy Wet Farts And Shit For You – Kinky Nasty Lola – Shitting Porn, Poop Smear, Full HD 1080 (14032017)

Release Year: 14/03/2017
Cast: Kinky Nasty Lola
Genres: Scat,Poopping,Shitting,Scatting Domination,HD 1080p,Big pile,New scat
Video language: English
Hello my lovers, I am feeling very horny for you. You like to see me do dirty enema with really runny shit? I want you to stroke your cock and make it
explode at the same time you will see me do big smelly wet farts and shit for you because I know you like my dirty farts.
File name: Sm2129
File size: 1.04 GB, Duration: 00:14:41
Video: 1920?1080, Audio: 115 kb/s


Mar 19

OPUD­249 Captured Excrement Pig Slave Akira Makihara Asian Scat – HD 720p



Genres: Scat,Poopping,Shitting,Scatting Domination,HD 1080p,Big pile,New scat
Video language: English

File size: 1.75 GB, Duration: 01:58:13
Video: 1284?720, Audio: 96.0 kb/s


Mar 19

OPUD­248 Elite Female President Lifted Black People! Feces Anal Destruction Aoi Hirano




Genres: Coprophagy sex, Defecation, Forced, HD 720p, OPUD Scat, Scatology
Video language: English
Aoi Shiho Black ban banned works! Moreover, suddenly Kurosuta anal fuck makes a female president! Furthermore, the pride of the president was
destroyed with Morimori and excrement, and finishing pollution tooth brush! “Impossible impossible …” “You are such a beautiful woman who is like
you!” The best hard scatology works completed here!
File name: 1809_OPUD­248
File size: 1.04 GB, Duration: 01:55:19
Video: 1284?720, Audio: 78.6 kb/s


Mar 19

OPUD­247 Ultra­Superficial Defecation Release Tamaki Tsumami – Asian Scat


Genres: Defecation, free scat download, HD 720p, JAV scat download, OPUD Scat, Scatology
Video language: English
Active woman­teacher immorality mass defecation in front of the camera! “I already turd have plenty to come out!” The appearance of Narumi Tamaki
excrement while exposing big tits is super valuable!
File name: 1808_OPUD­247
File size: 1.03 GB, Duration: 01:54:50
Video: 1284?720, Audio: 84.2 kb/s



Mar 19

OPUD­246 A Beautiful Married Woman Begging For Shit Covered Sex – japanese scat porn



File size: 1.21 GB, Duration: 01:59:47
Video: 1288?720, Audio: 254 kb/s



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